Join the Kingdom Social Media Team

I have been planning to recruit for the Kingdom Social Media Team for some time now, but until recently I had not determined exactly what it is that I was looking for at this stage in our development. Today I want to advertise the following positions.

Photographers – The best way to advertise what we do is to show what we do. We are looking for individuals to take photographs at events in as unobtrusive and courteous a manner possible. If you are a photographer already, consider joining the team. Commitment: Freelance.

Researchers (Events) – Often our events have themes. As an educational organization, an excellent way to advertise for events is to educate about the theme of the event. For an example, see our current series on the Romani and on Vikings beginning today. Ideally I would like to have 5-7 people on this, each taking on an event upcoming in the next 5 weeks in Atlantia. Commitment: 3-5 posts per week.

Graphic Designers – We’ve gotten some good mileage off of graphics as well as photographs. Graphic designers are sought to create graphics or manipulate photographs to produce shareable content as well as banners and backgrounds for our three primary outlets. Two examples (from our Twitter page): Her Majesty’s Message (Graphic)external_link | Pennsic Is Coming (Photo)external_linkCommitment: Freelance.

Local Social Media Deputies – Several of our local groups already have social media outlets. I’d like to see more groups using social media effectively. The temptation to create a presence for the sake of having a presence is strong, but my goal is to utilize our resources effectively to create interest in our local groups, the Kingdom, and the SCA as a whole. Over time, I hope to transition to being more of a facilitator for our social media presences at both local and Kingdom levels. Commitmentso much rewarding time.

Other opportunities will open as time progresses, especially if we are able to find an ideal layout for the Kingdom website that serves both its current static functions while providing dynamic (blog) content. At that time, I will begin looking for researchers to provide their own content.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact me at socialmedia at atlantia dot sca dot org. For the freelance roles, feel free to submit your content with your SCA and modern names so that we may give proper attribution.


Courtesy and Social Media Groups

Sections 4.f. and 5.e. of the SCA Social Media Policy (SMP) apply to open Facebook groups/events, Google+ communities/events, et al., that use Society branch or office names (e.g., SCA Kingdom of Atlantia, Barony of Lochmere, etc.). The SMP is available from the Society Seneschal’s page.
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What is the Dream?

What Is The Dream?

Recently the concept of The Dream has come up quite a bit for various reasons. It seems The Dream is something we all intuitively understand, but no one ever really explains.

I want to change that.

Beginning this weekend at Ruby Joust and again next weekend at Highland River Melees, I would like to record anyone who is interested in telling me what The Dream means to you.

My goal for this project is to share The Dream with newcomers in an easily accessible format, to provide a place for veterans to point and say, “This is what the Dream means to these people,” and then to be able to say, “This is what the Dream means to me.”

If you are interested in participating in this and will be at either event, look for me—Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza—at the Lochmere day shade.

If you are unable to make it to either of these events but would like to contribute, please record yourself describing what The Dream means to you and either upload it to YouTube and send me the link (please identify yourself and the reason you are sending me a link) or—if the video is under 25MB—e-mail it to my social media e-mail address. Please identify yourself by your SCA name in the video.


The Atlantian Heroes versus Villains Garb Challenge

The garb challenge for Atlantia’s Fall Coronation will center on the theme of “Heroes vs. Villains.” Coronation will be held on 5 October 2013 at a site yet to be determined.

The parameters of the competition have been listed on a Facebook event pageexternal_link and will be listed on the event’s website once a host (and website) has been determined.

There is no limit to the time period or culture, as long it is within the scope of the SCA. Both men and women are encouraged to come join in on this fun. There will be 5 categories for the challenge:

  1. Overall ~ The overall “winner” is the individual that is having obvious fun with the challenge: they made their own garb, the garb is period appropriate, and the garb is unique and creative in design.
  2. Most Unique Garb ~ The individual that has the most unique and creative garb: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.
  3. Most Period Garb ~ The individual that has the most period appropriate garb: they are not required to have made their garb themselves. Documentation is encouraged for this category but not required.
  4. Best Group / Couple Garb ~ Two or more people who have the best garb combination: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.
  5. Most Congenial Person ~ The individual that had the most fun with it and shared their joy with everyone in a positive/infectious way: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.

The parameters of the event allow for dressing as a historical hero or villain from period or even interpreting a modern (or future) hero or villain into medieval garb!

If you wish to spread this news to individuals not on Facebook, please feel free to share this post to them until such time as we have a proper website for the event. Until that time, if any new information affecting the event or its parameters comes up, I will post it to this site and share it via relevant social media channels.

Fireside Chat: 8 May 2013

Fireside Chat Video: 8 May 2013

Their Royal Majesties hosted a Hangout on Air last night along with Their Royal Highnesses, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Kingdom Social Media Deputy. The topics covered included:

  • Investitures/Pollings of Confidence
  • Members of Curia
  • Number of voters for polling
  • Sumptuary Laws
  • Court Baronies
  • Mileage change for Baronial Events
  • Savory Toasted Cheese

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